About Page-Moroccan Pottery

I was given my first camera around age 7 or 8, a Kodak Instamatic which used 126 cartridge roll film, with flash cubes that literally exploded with light and destroying themselves in the process!

I have fond memories of looking at my first photos with my father and grandfather, both of whom were into photography. Since then photography has been my occassional hobby which took a serious turn about 10 years ago when I presented a panel of 10 images to the Royal Photographic Society to gain my “Licentiate” distinction. This was followed up a few years later with a 15-image panel featuring the Falkirk Kelpies for my “Associate” distinction. I have also submitted images to many International photography salons gaining first an AFIAP and then EFIAP distinctions.

My first love is to take images of landscapes and travel photography where I try to capture a sense of the space and time, but I will take pics of just about anything which looks interesting!