Castles and Kirks

New Gallery Published !

When lock-down ended, I found that I had become so used to being at home that I didn’t feel the desire to go out with my camera…. Why would I go out? where would I go? What would I photograph? The answer was that I needed an objective, a goal….. something to focus my attention. I have always photographed ruined buildings when I have come across them, and having discovered Almond Castle very close to where I live during lock-down, the initial idea was maybe to focus on ruined castles. However, this quickly grew to include old kirks, and historic houses in general. The project expanded again to include intact buildings, not just ruins. Whilst ruins have a certain character, there is something very impressive about the architecture and stonework of old historic buildings that you just don’t see today. So what started as a “small” project has grown a few arms and legs, and the tally of buildings tackled as of today (11th Dec 21) stands at 100 ! This gallery contains a subset of my favourites.

Please note that not all of these buildings (or the grounds) are open to the public. In some cases, e.g. exclusive hotels, private properties, and secured areas, I sought permission to visit and would like to thank all that said “yes” and kindly supported my little project !